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Grow Your Work Experience!

Hello Africa is a mobile dating app connecting the millions of Africans around the world as well as the hundreds of millions of working age people on the continent! Our mission is to create a movement that connects the African Diaspora, to help each other, but to also improve the lives of people in our heritage countries.

Is This You?

Are you interested in the African experience and developing products, services, and events that can connect Africans around the globe? Are you:

- a full-stack software engineer (React Native / NodeJS / GCP),

- an event planner,

- a UI/UX designer,

- a videographer,

- an editor,

- or an outstanding salesperson?

If any of these things sound like you and you're interested in developing products that will not only impact the lives of Africans around the world but will also add to your work experience and resume, then we would love for you to reach out and tell us the awesome skills and passion that you possess. If there is a fit, we can then work towards ways in which we can tailor an internship experience for you.

If this is you, please email with the name of the position you're interested in, in the subject line. Also, please provide a link to your Linkedin account and any relevant information pertaining to this role.

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