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Social Community Manager Intern

Hello Africa is a mobile dating app connecting the millions of Africans around the world as well as the hundreds of millions of working age people on the continent! Our mission is to create a movement that connects the African Diaspora, to help each other, but to also improve the lives of people in our heritage countries.

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I use my creative craft, understanding of platforms and grasp of culture to solve marketing

problems for digital brands.. Under the direction of my creative director, I am assigned projects and I manage my time effectively so as to meet the demands of multiple jobs. I understand the difference between a creative idea and a tactical execution and (based on the nature of the project) am proficient at generating both. I am capable of and responsible for writing in all mediums, everything from social posts to video scripts. I work to stay current with technology and trends as well as seek opportunities to improve my writing skills. As a writer, I understand the parameters of a brand’s voice and my work reflects that. I know how to handle and implement feedback from my creative director in a timely manner. Once work is sold, I see it all the way through to completion.

Qualifications Include:

- Strong writing skills (technical/creative)

- Attendance at identified events to cover from brand POV

- Ad hoc posts

- Identify and build relationships for potential platform takeovers/partnerships

- Day to day correspondence across social media channels – post response, consumer engagement, influencer engagement, DM responses

- Content Calendar development (working with creative team) – limited to IG stories, IG feed, IG TV, FB feed

- Social Listening: on audience conversation and engagement opportunities

- Comfortable at conceptualizing ideas

- Good collaborator

- Time management

If this is you, please email with the name of the position you're interested in, in the subject line. Also, please provide a link to your Linkedin account and any relevant information pertaining to this role.

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